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Chicco L. noted on Google

1. The fried veggies were excellent: fresh and a simple match with plain rice. 2. The rice were unfortunately a little too hard because they happened to be the bottom bits from the rice cooker. Still, it was a pleasant visit for us. Thank you.

5 months ago
Daryl Joe S. noted on Google

Very nice Chinese restaurant with good food and service. Their servings are pretty big as well, which is good for serving. However, the place upstairs doesn't have much ventilation and when we went there, they don't have any desserts to serve. Their fish is a must-try!

7 months ago
李冠莹 noted on Google

The food is fantastic good, fulfills all my expectations for what I ordered and for my Chinese taste. I am from northern part of China, by the way. The boss is extremely nice and he is from jiangsu province.

7 months ago
Debjani M. noted on Google

The food was good, but my Szechuan chicken was OTT spicy 🥵 it felt exhausting after halfway. The thai curry was typical and very refreshing.

8 months ago